Monday, June 30, 2014

salmon and melty ice cream

Chris and I have not been good at all about exposing the kids to seafood. Good parenting advice has always said to not let your kids know about the foods you dislike because they'll probably dislike them too. Chris hates any seafood and with the exception of tuna/salmon, I do as well. My kids eat tuna sandwiches a lot, but thanks to us, that's all they eat.

I had seen some salmon burgers at Costco many times and decided to try them out. This is how I phrased it, "Guess what?!!? We are going to have Hawaiian burgers tonight!! You know how you like tuna? Well, we are going to have salmon on our burger and I'm putting them on Hawaiian rolls with pineapple on top! Ethan and Alayna LOVE these. Isn't that awesome??"

Well, I'm happy to say it worked! Cam raved about them and Kendall plowed through her's (mostly to get to dessert, but at least there was no complaining). Success!!

Sidenote: I really liked them as well. Chris' patties were subbed with turkey burgers. :)

I've mentioned before that my Skinny Cow regimen each night consists of putting the sandwich in a bowl and sticking it in the microwave until it's a little melty. I've always thought hard ice cream didn't have near the flavor as melted. Recently, I was happy to find out that I wasn't crazy! In my latest Food Network Magazine I read, "Cold numbs your taste buds, so ice cream tastes sweeter at room temperature than it does when it's frozen" Ha!!


Anonymous said...

Makes sense about the ice cream.

Yeah, we've bought those salmon patties from Costco for a long time. Glad you tricked the kids into liking them. Chris is not quite so easily tricked, huh?

Jessica said...

Glad the salmon burgers were a hit for you guys! 👏👏