Tuesday, June 3, 2014

new phone

*Kendall's swimsuits she wears are hand-me-downs. One is too small and one is so stretched out that it is borderline immodest! :) We went to pick out a new suit today and she was beyond excited.

*I blogged about these Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches a long time ago. They are amazing!!

I made them again and decided to make them much, much smaller as they are quite a hefty/dense dessert. Bite size is really the perfect size. :)

*I love this hot weather.

*Tonight for dinner I made this for the kids. I love how much they love it and the fact that I can actually call it a very healthy dish (milk + whole wheat pasta + cheese).

*I recently got a new phone. It's not a Smart phone, but I'm very excited to have more memory. I was having to delete texts just to take a picture on my last one. 

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Anonymous said...

Is that dessert candy? I saw a recipe for healthy mac and cheese and it had you put it in the little ramekins and bake for a short time to make it a little crunchy on top. Looked fun.