Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm sooo tired....but in a really great way. This week we started Camp TLC (our church's version of VBS). Each day Cameron and Kendall attend while I teach a couple of cupcake decorating classes. I have so much fun teaching with a friend of mine, but even more fun knowing and seeing my kids on cloud nine. I mean they LOVE this thing. Love. :)

Unfortunately swimming lessons are also this week, which makes for fun, but very long days. :) Today was made even longer by a trip afterward to get my hair cut. I finally went shorter than I've ever gone. I really like it. Chris is one of the rare guys that actually prefers short hair, so he likes it as well. :)

Right now I'm planted in our recliner and I really don't want to move the rest of the night. Once Chris gets back downstairs from putting the kids to bed, dinner, an episode of 24, and MY bedtime are all I want. :)

p.s. Last night when I put Cam to bed, I prayed for the kids at Camp TLC who don't know Jesus. Cameron asked if he could invite Jesus into his heart. I reminded him that he already had and...

Me: You know, Cameron, once you ask Jesus into your heart, He never leaves.
Cam: Well, I'm going to lock the gate just in case He wants to get out and play with his angel friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my word! Your hair is SO cute!! I love it!

Yes, Camp TLC is pretty amazing, isn't it? So happy all 3 of you are having such a great week.

Anonymous said...

Oh that angel comment is the BEST EVER!!!!!

And I love your hair!

-Sister Su

Teresa DiMillo said...

Your hair really suits you! I'm right there with you in the sleep department. I don't know how I survived! Cam is truly the sweetest boy! I love him and all of his inquisitiveness.