Thursday, June 19, 2014


*Yesterday was day three of swim lessons. Cam adores them. Kendall liked the first day. No more. She HATES going under and had to do it quite a bit more yesterday. This was her face the entire way home. Poor Cam was at his wit's end in trying to cheer her up.

*The goal a couple days ago was to make homemade pizza dough for dinner. But when we were at Winco and I saw Flatout Bread, I caved and am so glad I did. Not only did they require zero effort, but they were really tasty as a thin crust pizza!
A long time ago a friend made pizza using fig jam as the sauce. It was amazing!! I wasn't able to find fig, so I substituted apricot/pineapple. It was not quite as good, but still a unique flavor change from regular pizza. :)

*Today I'm finally going to the doctor for my headaches. They have not been too bad the past week, but the fact that I'm going on two months is enough to warrant a visit. I hate how I've dragged my feet so long due to the nasty copay required. Grrr...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that is such a sad face. I can't wait until going underwater "clicks" and she begins to enjoy it.

Does Staters have the flat out bread?

I'd like to find the fig jam too. Brings back memories of that fabulous "fig burger" at Eureka Burger.