Thursday, June 12, 2014

ice cream!!!!!

Today was our first day of summer and we celebrated by making homemade ice cream. The kids loved it. We do not own an ice cream maker but I don't think I ever will buy one after this recipe. It is SOOO EASY!!! I just can't seem to get over how simple it was and how great it turned out!

So here is the recipe I used with her fancy and professional picture.

I changed it only in that I used regular Oreos. However I will say that I think I will omit the almond extract next time. It's way too powerful of a flavor for my tastes (the kids didn't seem to notice).

We invited the quadruplets from across the street (here are half of them) to join us. :)

 We will definitely be making this again and coming up with new things to put inside.

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