Friday, June 20, 2014

mcgee and me

*I made another summer calendar this year. It's a great way for the everyday things to seem "fun" because they are on the calendar. 

For instance, this morning's agenda included a trip to the thrift store which turned into quite an outing. I think my kids could have spent an hour there. Cam is really into how much things cost and so he was fascinated that an enormous (and ugly!) entertainment center was only $145 :)

Sidenote:  You'll also see a check off chart for each kid next to the calendar. One is for Cam  practicing his speech and the other is for Kendall writing her letters. I find that if I tell them in advance that they'll get a surprise by completing a certain number of days, it keeps ME accountable in actually doing it. :)

 *A few months ago I realized that no matter how many thousands of times I told the kids to look both ways when riding their bikes, it just didn't happen. So the rule was made that they could not ride in the street unless I'm sitting outside watching them. This can get rather old so I've started stocking up on magazines from friends and cookbooks from the library to occupy myself. :)

*I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I love working out at home is that I can literally wake up in the morning and be working out within three minutes. I also love that I can look this very old VBS shirt and stretched out shorts from college. :)

*Did anyone watch McGee and Me as a kid? They are awesome, non-cartoon shows that teach great lessons. We showed the kids one today I found on YouTube. Chris and I were dying at the clothing, music, etc. (they were made in the early 90's). Anyway, if you want a cute Christian show for your kids, you should check them out.

*Showed up yesterday for my doc's appointment only to find out that while they do take my insurance, they don't take it if it's through the Obama care thing. Ugh. Was frustrated, but not too bad considering how much less we are having to pay overall thanks to it. :)

*Had an orthodontist's appointment for Cam today. We are faced with the decision to either do two phases of braces, starting now, or waiting a few years and doing them all at once. Obviously the two phase choice is more expensive, so we just have to weigh whether or not we feel it's the best option. Oh and by the way, braces are not cheap. :)

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Anonymous said...

A trip to the thrift store--what will you think of next? Ingenious.