Sunday, June 1, 2014

harry potter

*This past school year a couple friends of mine and I took turns teaching our three little girls. We each rotated weeks and taught them how to write their letters. Yesterday we had a little graduation to celebrate their times together (Kendall ADORED "preschool playgroup"). We got the families together for a picnic and ceremony where they each received a certificate and  a round of applause. :)

*Today we went to the Palm Desert Street Fair. It was hot, but fun. The kids each got $5 to spend and they enjoyed picking something out. They each got a matching wallet and a frozen lemonade. :) Afterward we headed to Barnes and Noble for some reading time and then to Costco (of course!) before heading back home.

*Cameron loves for me to read to him each night before bed. Last week I decided to give one of my my all time favorite series, Harry Potter, a try. He really likes it and it's fun for me since I haven't read the books in years. :)

*I've finally decided that buying regular sour cream is just worth the extra calories. It's one of those foods that I can tell a big difference in the flavor vs. the low fat version.

*Last night I ran into a screaming Kendall only to find out she simply needed to go to the bathroom. When I told her this morning that from now on she can just get up and go like a big girl, she informed me that she would rather get me up. How thoughtful.

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Anonymous said...

So cute to have a little "graduation!" I want to see those cute certificates Chris made up.

Can you tell the difference in regular sour cream and low fat sour cream in a recipe...or just when it's used as a topping?