Friday, June 27, 2014

stitches in the church kitchen

*While I'm glad our crazy week of VBS and swim lessons is over, I must admit it will be a little of a letdown come next week :)

*Yesterday proved to be quite a morning. In brief:
-I slashed my hand with a knife prying frozen turkey burgers apart
-I did not think an expensive trip to Urgent Care was necessary
-A friend at VBS forced me to walk over and see a friend of her's, who was an ER doc. He said it needed stitches
-He offered to go back home and get his doc bag
-Three stiches done at VBS and I was good to go!
-SOOO grateful to him. :)

*Here is my cupcake decorating teaching partner. I liked teaching my class each day, but liked hanging out and chatting with her even more. :)

*I've been headache free for almost a week. It's like I'm a new woman! :)

*We will be heading up to Reno in a little over a week to visit family...or in Cameron's words this morning, "We will be in Reno in 120 hours!!!"

*Each night my kids have looked forward to eating a cupcake I bring home from my day's class:

*My hand hurts so I'm done typing. :)


Jessica said...

How great that you've been headache free!! Any ideas what helped??

How nice that you got free stitches :)

Teresa DiMillo said...

Wow! Free stitches, what a blessing that was!! I'm soooo glad vbs is over too, but seriously, what are we gonna do next week!? Gotta start thinking of fun ideas... Please feel free to invite us to whatever ingenious idea you come up with ;-)