Monday, June 16, 2014


*I like to have the kids make fun posters to hang around when it's one of our birthdays. Yesterday I had the kids make some for Father's Day. One of the cutest things about Kendall is that her posters rarely make sense nor pertain to what we are celebrating. I often have to write what it is next to it. In her words this one was a, "Guy playing with electricity but then he got into the electricity". Happy Father's Day, Chris! Ha!

*We made Chris a special Father's Day dinner of homemade mac n' cheese. The recipe is more like a casserole (that you cut instead of scoop). Funny thing is that both my kids didn't like it. However they gobble up mac n' cheese when it's my healthy kind (milk, whole wheat pasta, cheese). Love it! :)

*Right now I'm catching a few minutes of Felicity while I wait for the kids to wake up. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that it takes me back to college and the care free life I lived. Hey, let's go to the beach today! Okay! Let's go shopping! Okay! I don't feel like doing anything, let's watch a movie in the middle of the day! Okay! 

*Last night we started Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. We are almost done with it and it's such a great movie. I haven't seen one this good in a while.

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