Friday, July 25, 2014

an almost cheap day

Today was a fun and relatively cheap day. We started out by going bowling with the quads across from the street. Empire Bowl in Redlands has, "kids bowl free" for the summer. They had a great time together.

Next we went to the mall because I had to buy a couple of bras (NOT cheap...but a necessary evil). As we were browsing the Disney store, we happened to be there for their daily program. It was a cute presentation of how to say, "hi" in different languages (in the theme of Small World).

Afterward the kids enjoyed a lunch provided by a buy one-get one coupon I had for Auntie Annie's.

We ended with play time in the mall play area.

So the not so cheap part of our day was Cam's purchase at the Disney Store. He wanted a stuffed animal that I REALLY did not want him to get. He had almost enough money but asked if he could dip into his "save" envelope. I never have really known what to make them do with that envelope. Do I make them save a certain amount and then they can use all of it? Do I let them dip into it every now and then? The latter is what I've been doing.

Anyway, I wanted it to be HIS decision but I also tried to help him think it through. Is this a toy you'll play with a lot? Do you understand it's a lot of money ($20!!) and you'll have to save a long time to build that back up? How will you play with it? But after making him think about it while we went to a few more stores, he was adamant that he wanted to make the purchase.

Does anyone have advice on rules for "save" money?

p.s. THIS is what he bought. He liked that you could take the little peas out... :(

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