Monday, July 28, 2008


One of the things I love to do when we are out with friends is to ask questions that get the conversation going. I think I got this from my mom. The questions range from would you rather ones to just interesting topics. I think I've kind of rubbed off on Chris in this area as he has come up with some really good ones. This past week as we were sitting outside relaxing with our friend Jana, he asked a good one. If you could own three condos, where would they be? Rules: You have to take into account the fact that you will need to pay for transportation to each place as well as take the time to get there (meaning a place like Italy would require the long trip). Here are mine...what would your choices be?

1. Santa Barbara: I love this town! I love the beach, the boardwalk that is great for riding bikes/jogging, downtown shopping, restaurants, weather, and the list goes on.
2. San Diego: This is such a great all around city. There are tons of things to do, amusement parks, great malls, great weather, Coronado island, etc.
3. Las Vegas: Chris and I love this city. While Chris does like black jack, we aren't really the gambling/drinking type, which many people assume when I say we love the place. We actually love people watching, walking around the hotels, eating out, etc.


Ross and Amy Free said...

How about some love for east of the Mississippi? Charlotte is lovely this time of year if you like 115% humidity.

Jessica said...

Oh, let's see... I would choose Newport Beach, someplace near San Simeon, and I think I'd agree with you on Vegas, it's just such a fun city.

Mom said...

Hmmmm, since I don't like flying, I might steal your three too. It's interesting about Vegas--people usually either hate it or love it. We're going next month & people often say, "Why???" But if you avoid the sleaze (as much as possible), it's just got so much to see.

If I could "suddenly appear" there without traveling, I'd add New York City & some places in Europe.

You go, Chris, with those questions! :o)

susan said...

That is hard! If I lived in CA, then I'd probably choose:

1) Santa Barbara (for all your reasons)

2) Kauaii

3) A condo along a beach in some fun beach town. ???

But living here, I'd say:

1) A condo on the Mediterranean in Italy.

2) A condo on Lake Geneva.

3) A condo on one of the Greek islands.

Fun question! Isn't it grand to dream!!!