Tuesday, July 15, 2008

shopping, cheese, and chocolate

Yesterday I took the afternoon and evening off from mommy-duty and went shopping and out to dinner with some friends. We had such a fun time. After a couple hours of shopping at Victoria Gardens (where I got a $60 pair of capris from Express for $17!!!), we headed over to The Melting Pot for dinner. The 6 of us had such a fun time together and if it weren't for my early bedtime, I could have stayed out much longer!

So here are my thoughts on the Melting Pot, which for those that don't know is a fondue restaurant. Chris and I had been there once before for dinner. It isn't a very budget friendly place. If you ask Chris what he thinks about the place, he'll say, "I will NEVER go there again. I left having spent way too much on dinner and still was hungry. Not a good combo!". I would agree. To go for dinner is a little much to spend, in my opinion. But to go for appetizers (cheese fondu) and dessert (chocolate fondue), is much cheaper and very filling (for girls anyway, probably not for guys).


susan said...

Aren't you paying partly for the experience too? It seems like a really fun group thing to do????

I LOVE that you post so often! =)

Team Harry said...

Glad you had fun!!! We have only been to Melting Pot once. It was expensive!! I don't want to spend that amount of money on food I have to cook myself!!! We walked away saying its a great place for Appetizers and Dessert tho!!! The chocolate fondue was delicious!!

Mom said...

Ummmm, it does sound like a great place to gab. What a fun-looking group.

Jessica said...

Is that Kirsten Collins sitting next to you? I used to work with her at Redlands Christian School (and I had one of her son's in my class), I love her! How do you guys know each other?

My husband and I went to the Melting Pot for the first time this weekend and we LOVED it. We left feeling stuffed (we had all four courses... cheese, salad, meat and dessert). It was very pricey, but we thought it was fun for a special occasion. It's probably a place we would only go once in a great while.

Ross and Amy Free said...

Great post. Fondue is fun if you do it at home, but I agree with Chris, it wold be hard to pay for. Amy and I tend to be skeptical of all restaurants, if we go somewhere and feel like we could have made something just as good ourselves, we aren't happy. I feel like breakfast is the hardest meal to feel satisfied after paying for. Even I could make a waffle or scrambled eggs.