Thursday, July 17, 2008


Lately Cam's naps have been so unpredictable. Until a few weeks ago, he was a consistent one hour nap per day. However lately he has given us several 2+ hour naps and it has been fabulous!! Chris teases me because on those days I tend to wander around aimlessly because I'm not used to having that much time to myself. However he also has taken 45 minute naps on some days. What gives?

I'm dying to understand this and to figure out what makes the difference between the short and long naps. I've varied the time I put him down, even varied who puts him down (oddly he seems to sleep longer when Chris puts him down). Why can't there be some simple formula for this so I could guarantee good naps??

(disclaimer: I realize this issue is sooo minor compared to other issues in our world today, and it isn't like I'm losing sleep over it...but it sure would be nice to understand!)

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Team Harry said...

No secret... every kid is different. We all have days when we need more sleep...
I do have a question tho... Do you notice he sleeps longer on days that he exerts more energy and are more busy b4 his nap??
Maybe you just gotta be thankful for the long naps and thankful for the short!!!