Wednesday, July 11, 2012

beach day

Yesterday was supposed to be 100.  It was supposed to be about 80 in Newport Beach.  So off we went!  The kids were soooo excited and had the best time.  I think the ocean has taken over hiking for Cam.  He could have been out there all day.

Since I didn't want to leave right at traffic, we went to Mainplace Mall and met a friend of mine to have dinner and play in the play area.  By the time we left, we flew home on the freeway and both kids collapsed in bed.  One would think they would have slept in since they got to bed late.  However as I write this Cam just went back upstairs after coming down at 5:40 to watch me exercise.  Ahhhh...oh well. :)

 I'm going to end with this picture because it perfectly says exactly what Kendall did...get REALLY, REALLY sandy.  At one point she was flat out on her tummy.  What a mess to try and clean before getting her in the car!  But it sure was cute to watch!


Susan said...

I so wish we could have joined you!!!!

5:40 ??!!! Good gosh, whose awful genes did THAT come from??!! =)

Anonymous said...

I so wish you could have too, Susan! What a great thing to do, Kelly. I'm so glad K & C are good in the car so you can do things like this.

mooshiemom1 said...

Kelly, I take a little bottle of baby powder to the beach. Works well to get most of the sand off before we get in the car. :)charlene