Sunday, July 29, 2012

*Yesterday morning I took the kids to Walmart.  I had to make one return and was excited there was only 1 person ahead of me.  It still took 15 minutes until I was done with my transaction.  Grrr....

*Later we had some free movie tickets and had been excited to see the new Batman movie.  My parents watched the kids and the movie did not disappoint. :)

*As Chris and I were brainstorming what to do with the kids this afternoon, the later it got the more we just didn't feel like driving anywhere.  So I decided a movie was in order.  Cam asked for Polar Express.  I was hesitant at first because I'm not a fan of Christmas movies during the year.  But I relented and I'll admit, hearing that familiar music makes me excited for the Christmas season.  And we aren't too far off since around here, August is when Christmas stuff starts to appear in stores!! :)

*Cam is still VERY into the Titanic.  We are headed to the beach later this week and I thought I might also try to coordinate a trip to see the Queen Mary, knowing he would LOVE to see such big ship.  However tickets are a little pricey, so I'm glad I didn't mention it to him as a possibility. :)

*We have been debating getting a dog for a long time and still go back and forth.  As of now, we are pretty certain we woud like to get one for Cam's birthday next month.  We don't want to pay for a purebred.  We've been looking on Criag's List.  Chris is thinking of some sort of lab mix or boxer mix.  We'de like them to have their shots already, but still be young/puppy.  If anyone has any good advice, send it my way!

*I'm happy our Bachelorette chose Jef.  I wasn't a fan of his the whole time, but I think they are cute and while I would never say they'll last forever, here's to hoping! :)

*I was driving by a church recently and they had a banner with "Family Movie Nights".  The kicker?  They also said, "PG and PG-13 movies only!!"  Are you serious???  Anyone else think having PG-13 movies at a church's "family night" is a quite right? :)


Anonymous said...

When we got Leonard, I wanted two things--a dog who was about a year old (past puppy and had shots) and house trained. Along came little Leonard...and the rest is history. :)

My intent was that he would sleep out in the utility room...but he did NOT like that idea and made so much noise out there, we finally had to let him sleep in the bedrooms. But that was fine--he loved sleeping "with the family."


susan said...

I would personally never get a shedder. =) Yeah, I'm with you on the pg-13 thing. =)

Laura said...

Hi Kelly,
We'll be in the desert August 21-31 and would love to get together!! Let me know if you'll be around. :)

Charlee said...

movies in the park some nights are even questionable on choices

Jannae said...

The moves in the park..also don't start til 8:30 or maybe they figured most kids would be asleep?

Also...we LOVED the Batman movie!!!!!