Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today Chris had a meeting at Biola, where we both attended and met.  The kids and I tagged along and explored the campus during his meeting.  I cannot believe how it has changed since I was there.  I'll be honest and say I teared up a few times as the kids and I were walking around.

My four years at Biola were beyond amazing.  I have some of the best memories there with the most wonderful and fun friends.  It's also quite surreal to think back to the first time I saw Chris, goofing off with his roommate at an orientation meeting :)  To think if I had only known back then that I would one day marry that guy I thought was so funny!

So while I wouldn't trade my life now for anything, it sure was cool for me to go back in time and remember the carefree life where the words "kids", "mortgage", or "responsibility" weren't even in my vocabulary. :)

Here is Chris with the kids in front of the baseball field where he spent countless hours and had many wonderful memories of his own.  We were hoping to get down to the field, but you can see it was being worked on.

To make the most out of the drive out there we ended our time with a picnic at a park with a friend and her kids.  Overall a very fun day. :)

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Anonymous said...

Once again, I'll say that we are SOOOO grateful that we were able to send you and Susan to that wonderful school. I'm sure it was fun and nostalgic to walk around the campus. And, yes, it is SOOO different from when you were there. Amazingly so.