Monday, July 23, 2012

hume lake

Yesterday we returned from a week at Hume Lake.  Chris' parents rented a cabin for the entire family.  Not everyone could stay for the whole time, but at one point we had 16 people under one roof!  We had such a fun, fun time!!  The weather was perfect and with the exception of a few people getting sick, everyone had a relaxing week filled with new experiences for the kids.  Here are a few highlights:

*We were able to take Cam on the "Little Brown Church Hike" a few times throughout the week.  

One time we strayed from the trail and found this huge pile of logs.  He LOVED climbing over the entire pile. :)

*I always enjoy getting to spend time with Chris' extended family.  A few are from out of state so it's not often we are under the same roof for several nights.

*One of my favorite afternoons was when we went creek walking and fishing.  While nothing was caught, the kids really enjoyed it, especially considering Chris' mom had purchased Disney fishing poles. :)

*Another fun afternoon was spent swimming in the lake.  Kendall really has proven to be a HUGE water fan. :)  

*One afternoon Chris, along with his two cousins, took Cam to see one of the largest trees in the world.  Cam was quite talkative about it and when they returned and described the tree, I wish I had gone myself!  Here is Austin talking to Cam about the tree.

*A big highlight for both kids and parents was the daycamp the kids attended each morning.  From 9:00-12:00 they were taken care of with activities like feeding the ducks, nature walks, etc.  They all loved it and it was such a treat for us adults to get some time to read, walk around the lake trail (which I loved), and relax.

Overall it was such a memorable week.  We ate amazing, enjoyed spending a solid week with family, and will miss all the fun activities as life gets back to normal.

p.s. I can honestly say I did NOT miss working out while up there.  I thought maybe I would enjoy getting back into it upon returning.  NOT AT ALL. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks absolutely wonderful!!! The best kind of vacation!! So glad you got to go and that you have such a great family to go with!

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes because of the wonderful memories I have of doing the same thing with my family as a child. I am SO glad that you were able to do that! :)


Jessica said...

How fun! How nice that the kids had the day camp and you could get some adult time :-)