Thursday, July 12, 2012

*We leave tomorrow for a week with Chris' family up at Hume Lake.  We are all very excited!!  This afternoon the kids and I are going to the 99 cent store to get some fun activities to do while we are there (like this cute sticker crown we made today).

*Chris officially fired me from ever buying toilet paper again.  This is due to my recent purchase of 1-ply :)  While it was an accident, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal and was sure we would get used to it.  Hmm...not so much.

*Recently we strayed from our normal Chicken Apple Gouda hot dogs from Costco and purchased a pineapple flavor.  They are good, but I don't think anything can live up to our gouda dogs. :)

*Right now the kids are napping and having room time and I'm watching Extreme Makeover:Weight Loss.   I'm thankful for fast forward because 2 hours is a loooong time for a reality show (yes, I even fast forward The Bachelorette since there loads of cheesy parts).

*Cute conversations today:

Cameron:  I wonder who I will marry when I get older?
Kelly:  Well, who do you think you'll marry?
Cameron:  I think maybe because I really love you, I'll marry you.
Kelly:  Ahhh, that's nice buddy, but I'm already married to daddy.
Cameron:  Well, maybe I'll marry you after daddy dies.
Kendall:  I want to marry you Cameron!!!
Cameron:  OK!!!

KendallMom, sometimes when you give hugs to daddy, it makes me really happy!  Will you do it again when he gets home?

*Ever since I saw these on a friend's Pinterest board, I can't stop thinking about them.  I have yet to make them, but it WILL happen. :)


the Blah Blah Blahger said...

The "I want to marry you" conversations are just the cutest things!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word! That is the cutest conversation!!!!!!

P.S. I have to admit that I noticed the 1-ply toilet tissue the other day when I--uh--used it. :(


Jessica said...

If you make that dessert I need a piece!

I fast forward through the Bachelorette too!

Cute conversation :-)

Have so much fun in Hume Lake!