Monday, July 30, 2012

filling our day

One would think the following would fill our day today...

*Went to the local fruit stand and Fresh and Easy.  Dear Fresh and Easy, if offering free coffee (with flavored creamer) is your way of enticing your customers, it works on me...not to mention your $4 off a $20 purchase. :)

*Bought a new fish since Petey died.  I think the kids' favorite part was simply getting to hold him on the car ride home.

*Made baked clay creations.

*Played Candyland while Kendall napped.

*Made a scavenger hunt for the kids to do.

*Had them do "special upstairs time".

*Built a fort.

But you know what?  I still stared at the clock this afternoon thinking, "Are you kidding???  It's only 3:30?  What in the heck do I do to fill the remainder of the day???"  Ever have one of those days?  :)


Charlee said...

Check pintrest for activities that are easy to do. I also do a lot of make your own crafts haul the supplies out and just let them go to town to make what they want. I even took solo cups and had them playing for a long time building things and then using them to play a toss game and to see what they could knock down.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!! I am so glad Petey didn't die on my watch. I got him back to you just in time! :) Uh-oh, that sounds like I laid the groundwork for his demise. Nay, nay, I did everything by the book.

Jessica said...

Wait, you did all of that in one day??? Wow! I'm super impressed, that's like four days for me, lol. We swam all day today. You should meet up with us at my in laws and swim one day. It's a great way to wear them out ;-)