Thursday, August 2, 2012

*I just finished the book, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.  It's about a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail during a tumultuous time in her life.  The book consists mostly of the description of her hike, which I found fascinating and made me want to get into serious hiking one day down the road.  I disagreed with her views on life and I could have done without a couple parts (like a detailed description of an "extra curricular" activity with a guy she met on the hike), but skipping over those didn't take away from the story.

*Pat and Oscar's is changing their name to O's American Kitchen.  I recently received an email coupon for one free mini pizza.  Today I took the kids there for lunch.  I didn't want to purchase anything else, so I didn't feel right eating in the restaurant after spending $0 :)  I had brought my own lunch so we sat out by the duck pond and ate our picnic lunch.  Chris was in Redlands so he stopped by to join us. :)

*I made the mistake of going to the San Bernardino Costco right at lunch time today to get gas.  For some reason, whenever there are really loooong lines, I get a little nervous.  I'm always afraid something won't go right and people will get mad if they have to wait on me.  :)

*I'm trying to curb Cameron's seemingly non-stop picking of his nose. :)  We have instituted the Smarties system, in which he starts the day with 10, but loses them with each time he picks it. :)

*I wish I could say I'm really into the Olympics, but I'm not.  I feel a little unpatriotic.

*The dog/puppy research continues.  We visited a shelter today and I'm trying to figure out how much the first year vaccinations cost (if we were to get a puppy not from a shelter).

*Tonight's dinner:  Ground beef mixed with BBQ sauce and cheese on an open faced sandwich; broccoli.

*Kendall successfully takes naps in her underwear but I'm still too chicken to try all night.


Anonymous said...

So how is the Smarties-for-not-picking-his-nose thing going for Cam?

Hmmm, San Bernardino Costco at noon for gas...never a quick thing. :(


Charlee said...

city of Beaumont runs free shot clinics once a month or so!

Jessica said...

I'm not all that into the Olympics either, but then again I don't get excited about watching any sports.

You can find low cost vaccine clinics all over the place. Yucaipa has one every weekend.