Saturday, August 11, 2012

muggy saturday

Here is how we filled our muggy, yucky weather'd Saturday:

Went to our library's Family Day.  The kids got to decorate their own pillow case, listen to a story, and play.  The theme was "dreams" so the kids got to snuggle with pillows and blankets while listening to the bedtime story.

After lunch we made these fun Summer Smoothie Pops (I added a little regular strawberry yogurt for more sweetness because my kids aren't quite used to the tanginess of all Greek yogurt).

After Kendall's nap we swim suited up and the kids played outside in the rain/sprinklers while Chris BBQ'd 10 pounds of chicken.  Don't you just love his precious princess umbrella?  :)

Right now the kids are watching a movie and Chris is upstairs resting.  He is battling his second round of Strep Throat and I'm REALLY hoping I'm not getting my 2nd round as well...despite my swollen glands and pressure in my ears I have today. :(  I cannot believe our kids have not gotten sick with all that Chris and I have had the past couple weeks...knock on wood!!!

 Tonight after the kids are in bed we'll catch up with the latest episode of Damages.  Such a great season so far!!


Anonymous said...

A nice day in spite of the heat--good job! Poor Chris--sick...barbecuing in the rain...and holding a princess umbrella. I hope you're not getting sick too.

Charlee said...

Have the kids tried chobani champions? The kids version has better flavors and when I add a little fruit or home made granola and the kids have adjusted.