Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As moms, we learn from day one to multi-task.  I remember breastfeeding while walking around picking up the house.  Or eating my meal with one hand while cutting up Kendall's waffles with the other hand.  One place I can't multi-task is at the beach.  Today I took the kids and Chris suggested I invite a friend.  I told him I couldn't because I'm NOT good at chatting with a friend while keeping a CLOSE eye on my kids near the ocean.  I want to be 100% focused on watching them like a hawk, and I can't do that if I'm also engaged in conversation with a friend.  I just don't trust myself.

Today Cameron never went further than the water hitting his mid-thigh, however one time the wave knocked him down and my heart dropped.  He has not mastered swimming and I just pictured him tumbling about in the water.  So the rest of the time Kendall and I hung out right in front of where he was and my eyes never left him.  I just couldn't have done that without feeling guilty since I would have neglected whichever friend had come with us.  :)

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Mom said...

Yeah, I can sure see that. If it's one adult on two kids, it takes strong concentration. The pictures are great! What pier did you go to?