Saturday, August 18, 2012

day without dad

Yesterday Chris' dad and brother arrived to spend the night.  Early this morning they headed out to golf and then drove down to San Diego, where they are spending the night and attending two Giants games.  Chris has really been looking forward to it, as have I (on his behalf) since he's been a little overwhelmed lately with work stuff.

The kids and I started our morning out early (as usual!) and waved goodbye as the guys took off about 6:15.  Since the heat hadn't really started, we walked up to their favorite donut shop for breakfast.

Later we made a trip to the library, then headed to one of their favorite parks in Oak Glen for a picnic lunch.  It was PERFECT up there.  The heat was almost non-existent (thanks to lots of shade and a higher elevation) and we had a fun time exploring the trail, old school house, and grassy areas.

Right now they are watching Toy Story and while we've had a fun day together, I'm eager for their bedtime as I have two Hallmark movies waiting for me as well as a nice bowl of Frugos.  I always like to get myself a treat when I'm alone with the kids.  It gives me something to look forward to :) Tonight's concoction is vanilla yogurt topped with caramel, Reeses, Butterfinger, and Oreos.


Susan said...

Give us 2 years and we'll join you! =) Sounds like fun. You are a super fun momma. =) I read this to Ashley, and she said, "Those kids are lucky!" =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you deserve that bowl of Frugos for giving them such a fun day...though you enjoyed it too. Hope the movies were good.