Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a few food things

*Last night I was with some friends and we were laughing about how little a couple of us knew about how various fruits and vegetables were grown.  I feel a little foolish admitting the fact that I didn't know potatoes grew underground.  :)

*This morning the kids and I went hiking.  There were tons of blackberries and Cameron LOVED picking them.  However he stored them in his pockets so he did NOT love how they ended up getting all mushy/wet in there. :)  

*Tonight I made Beerocks filled with chicken, spaghetti sauce, and parmesean.  I also tried putting peanut butter/jelly in a couple of them.  I'm going to try and freeze them and see if they'll work as homemade Uncrustables.  If they do, I'll next try a batch made with whole wheat flour dough.  How NICE that would be for me to just pop one in Cam's lunch rather than have to make one each day!!

*I surprised myself and went against everything I believe regarding dessert.  I bought a non-chocolate box of Skinny Cows....Strawberry.  Won't ever do it again. :)

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Anonymous said...

An interesting little quiz to give to people would be matching a bunch of fruits/vegetables with where they grow:
ground level