Monday, August 20, 2012

*Yesterday my dad took the kids to McDonald's while I helped out during 3rd service (since Chris was still in San Diego).  What a trooper, considering Kendall decided to pee on the slide there.  I felt so bad when he told me what happened!!!

*Last night we met Chris and his dad and brother for dinner on their way home from their trip.  Afterward we went to Portillo's.  Craig (his bro) had recently tried their chocolate shake with chocolate cake mixed in.  I have to say it was very good and unique.  I couldn't believe how much the cake flavor came through!

*This morning was Cam's first day of kindergarten.  Chris' dad joined us on his way out of town.  Cam was a champ.  Not nervous at all.  It really helped when he instantly saw several friends from his T-K class.  I made another IEP cheat sheet for the teacher like I did last year.  It's just a one page sheet with a few bullet points as to some of Cam's needs and things that might help her throughout the year in working with him.

*I'm not 100% sure this is permanent, but I've switched the kids to almond milk.  I've just read so many negative things about dairy that I thought this would be an easy thing to adjust in their diets.  I'm not going no dairy (as they still eat cheese and yogurt) because it's such an easy form of calcium/protein. But for now, they seem to like it and it's not THAT much more expensive.  We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

You go, Cam! Kudos to you for taking starting kindergarten in stride!

A shake with cake in it????