Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Last summer we put Cam in swim lessons.  For one reason or another we didn't put him in a class this summer, which is a bummer because we did much more swimming...like this past weekend.  I will say that he is at least getting much more comfortable (jumping in, putting his head totally underwater a lot, etc.).  But next summer for sure we'll get this little guy swimming!

Sunday we headed out to OC to my friend Jen and her family's home.  The kids had a blast and it was fun to all hang out as families. :)

 Jen's backyard is pretty ideal for entertaining.  They have a beautiful deck which was perfect for eating our BBQ dinner.

Sometimes I look at pictures of us and can't believe we have been friends for 20 years!!!!  Talk about experiencing every phase of life together!! :)

On Monday we headed out to our home away from home, Palm Springs/Desert (not literally... but seems like that is always our destination choice when we take the kids out for an afternoon).  Chris' friend from college, P.J., and his family come down from Oregon to stay at their home every so often and it's always fun to get together and catch up.  The kids had a great time swimming again and their boys took a special liking to Kendall, which she just ate right up! Laura and I got to relax inside while they swam so it ended up being quite a relaxing afternoon for me too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like two great days with good friends. Yes, you and Jen have a special, irreplaceable history together.

Cam and one of their boys have on identical shirts...coincidence?