Tuesday, August 14, 2012

24 hour vacation

We recently discovered some rewards points we had from an old credit card.  We were able to get a hotel room for free in Palm Desert and spent last night there.  It was such a fun mini vacation.  Here is a little picture recap:

We spent a large amount of time in the pool as it was about 113 degrees there.  

I think the waterslide is currently in the running for a top highlight of Cam's short little life.  Oh my word!!!!  That is almost all he did.  Up and down, up and down, up and down...  I have to say it was one MY highlights of the trip to see how much he enjoyed this thing. :)

This was the first time we ever spent the night in a hotel together.  We were lucky to get a one bedroom suite.  So Kendall and I slept in the bedroom and Chris and Cam slept out in the living room (Chris on the pull out bed and Cam in a sleeping bag on the floor).  It went better than we had thought. :)

Dinner at Panera Bread.

This morning Chris took the kids to get breakfast so I could get a little relaxing time.

It was quite nice to snuggle on the couch with my book and ice coffee. :)

Overall it went GREAT and we had a wonderful time together.  I have to admit that I could easily live in that heat.  Did I love it?  No.  Did it bother me?  Not really.  I think I take after my dad in this, however I'm not quite like him because he actually likes to go jogging when it's 100+.  Not sure I'm quite there yet. :)


Anonymous said...

You all squeeze SO much fun and enjoyment out of the places you go--I think it's great! So creative. And that looks like one fun water slide. (I was just picturing a little straight one, but wow!)

Jessica said...

That's so funny because I was thinking the exact opposite after our time in the desert... that I could definitely NOT live in that heat, lol. I wish I had more of you and your dad's tolerance! I've been miserable here with this heat. I could actually live in the snow before the desert, lol.

And that waterslide looks like so much fun, Ethan has been begging me to go on a waterslide but they are always for older kids, I've yet to ever go anywhere that he can go on one.

Glad you guys could get away for a night!