Friday, August 10, 2012

Last music you listened to: Aladdin soundtrack with the kids

Last thing you watched on television:  The Pioneer Woman

Last thing you ate: yogurt covered pretzel

Last item of clothing you bought:  a t-shirt from Aeropostal.  I LOVE it because it fits perfectly and is nice and long.

Last time you said you were sorry: when I talked to Cameron in a "frustrated tone" (as I put it to him).  We were at the beach and I was trying to get the sand off and both kids were jumping around and not being compliant :)

Book you are currently reading:  Boom!

What did you do yesterday?  Met some friends at Jamba Juice ($1 smoothies!!) then headed to Costco.  Afternoon was spent moving from activity to activity INSIDE the cool house. :)

Favorite recent meal:  Not sure if this is a top ten, but I made a beef skillet dish the other night and was so excited to discover a trick.  I had a higher fat percentage ground beef so I wanted to stretch the amount so it would lessen the fat per serving.  I googled and discovered you can just pour Cream of Wheat onto the beef (adding a little more water to the mixture).  You could not even tell and it really bulked up the amount!

If you had $50 of fun money, what would you spend it on?  Taking the kids to Pretend City

If you had $500 of fun money what would you spend it on?  Vegas trip for Chris and I (that will most likely ALWAYS be my answer!)

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