Monday, July 9, 2012

volcanic eruption

 A while back my MIL was clearing out some things from her classroom and came upon an instruction sheet for making your own volcano.  I stumbled across it today and decided to do it with the kids.  It's super easy if you want something fun to do inside...especially with the heat this week.  We did it three times with three different colors of lava.  Here is the green one...

Make Your Own Volcano

-water bottle
-baking dish
-food coloring
-baking soda

Place bottle in the middle of the baking dish (for spillage).  Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into bottle.  Squeeze several drops of food coloring.  Lastly, pour 2 tbls. baking soda (using funnel) into bottle.  Contents will start to bubble over immediately.

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Anonymous said...

...and what a perfect thing to do with "Volcano Girl." I got the biggest chuckle when I was putting her to bed a couple of months ago and she requested a "story about a volcano" for her bedtime story. Hmmm, that took a little thinking.