Wednesday, July 25, 2012

*While up at Hume, I read more than I normally do.  I nearly finished an awesome book entitled The Greatest Generation Speaks.  While it's not new, I had never heard of it, despite reading Tom Brokaw's first one, The Greatest Generation.  It consists of letters from soliders, wives, family members, etc. of those who fought in WWII.  It was fascinating and I highly recommend it.

*Also at Hume I was able to try something my brother-in-law brought up, Starbucks Via.  He had the caramel iced coffee version and it was quite tasty.  I found a knock-off from Cafe International for about 1/4 the price. It's good, but not AS good. :)

*Yesterday during Kendall's nap, I told a very bored Cameron that he could search through a kids cookbook I have for ideas and pick something out for us to make for dinner.  He chose soft pretzels (which he named "kids and mammas' yummy soft pretzels).  While not the healthiest choice, it was fun to make and they both enjoyed the process.  This recipe is great because you don't have to boil them before baking.  Also they are REALLY good!!  :)

*Poor Chris is VERY sick.  While he does not have strep, his throat certainly feels like it.  I haven't seen him this sick...well never actually. :(  The kids are quite confused as to why we keep telling him that dad can't talk.

*Cameron has been requesting to watch Tangled for some reason.  I found one in a Yucaipa Redbox, which happens to be right next door to McDonald's.  So after a short play time, we headed over and the kids are excited to watch it this afternoon, accompanied by another soft pretzel. :)

*This morning I took the kids for a run.  They're getting pretty good about obeying the "don't talk to mama while she's out of breath" rule.  I only have to intervene a few times, usually when one touches the book of another. :)

*A while back my MIL bought Cam the Kids National Geographic 2013 Almanac.  This has been one of the bests gifts he has ever received!  He reads it all the time and it was a great activity for down times up at the cabin and on the rides to and from.  I find all the facts he discovers extremely interesting as well!! :)

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Jannae said...

Did you like Tangled? Had you guys seen it before? My Noah loves watching it! And requests it more then Baylee:) I think he likes Flynn Ryder:)