Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a couple of firsts for kendall

Kendalls' first 1st:
Yesterday morning we went to Bracken Bird Farm in Redlands.  The kids LOVED seeing all the birds and especially the goats and turkeys.  Last time Kendall was pretty timid, but this time was her first time letting the goats eat out of her hands. :)

Kendall's second 1st:
Later that afternoon we took the Kendall (and Cam) to her first movie in a theater.  We saw Brave and she did awesome!  She sat still all but the last 10 minutes. :)  As for the movie...I wouldn't say it is Pixar's best, but the kids liked it. :)

My mom came with us and accompanied us afterward to Weinersnitchel. :)

Chris left dinner a little early to go to bootcamp at his gym.  After we were done we headed across the parking lot to where he was.  The kids enjoyed peeking in the window at daddy lunging and sprinting away. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Brave" is not the bright, happy movie of, say, a "Toy Story," even though it's clever.

Chris's boot camp looks hard!!!