Thursday, January 31, 2013

*A random pet peeve of mine is to have a full coat rack.  I HATE having layers of coats on our rack by the front door.  I don't know why because it's not like they are all messy around the room.  I like to only have one coat for each kid.  If there is already one there, I march the one they just wore up to their closet. :)

*So Cameron LOOOOVED the hamburgers we had this week!  I'm sure he didn't figure the reason he liked it so much was that 1/3 of it was mashed black beans!!!  Luckily he didn't inspect the patty before digging in, otherwise it would have been quite obvious what mom pulled. :) And no, I did not try to trick Chris...his was "normal". :)

(sorry it's blurry)

 *Bachelorette tidbits:

 Leslie:  I like her, but I think she is more a "guys' best friend" type of gal and I don't see a ton of sparks between her and Sean.

Ashlee:  Stunningly beautiful!  I'm 50/50 on whether Sean sees something here.

Desiree:  My favorite.  Super cute and down to earth. :)

*I like to have a drama on TV to watch with Chris each week.  We don't have one we both like yet.  We started to watch The Following.  I could NOT stomach it.  Way too dark/bloody for me.  We tried The Americans last night and so far we both really like it. We'll see! :)

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Anonymous said...

No extra coats on the rack, huh? Whatever happened to my high school daughter whose room was a total mess? What have you done with her?