Friday, January 25, 2013

some good and some bad

*Yesterday I let the kids walk with Zoe in front of our house with strict instructions to stay between two houses and not go in the street.  I checked on them every few minutes.  The last time I went out, they were across the street.  Mom was NOT all.  Kids were not happy due to mom not being happy.

*Later as I was rushing around getting dinner ready because I had to leave, I dropped an entire ceramic bowl of spaghetti sauce on the kitchen floor.  There went dinner.  Mom was NOT happy again.

*The rain we are experiencing makes mom not happy.

*Battles with Kendall daily on what she will wear make mom not happy.  Skirts must "twirl like a princess".  She "must wear a tank top under her dress" (who knows why!).  She only will wear leggings (as opposed to jeans).

*I was trying to convey to Cameron how serious it was that he/Kendall disobeyed and went into the street when I wasn't with them.  I had to chuckle when, after my heartfelt words of how I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to them (I actually had tears in my eyes), he simply replied, "Do I still not get my cookie tonight as consequence?"  Ahhh...oh, well.  I tried. :)

*Let's be honest, breakfast breads are simply desserts with "breakfast" slapped in front.  Muffins have just as much sugar as cupcakes.  Donuts are simply fried cake with frosting!  So with that mindset, I didn't think the girls at my moms' group would mind if, for brunch, I brought Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.  I don't think they minded as the cookies were all gone by the time we were done.  These little things are incredible! :)

*Cam has been a little more attached to dad recently and so we both felt he needed a "daddy/Cameron afternoon".  So on Tuesday, Chris surprised him and they spent the afternoon at Disneyland.  They had a neat time, just the two of them. :)

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