Saturday, January 12, 2013

*I make tortillas all the time because I use them as bread.  I have yet to find a bread or tortilla that is 100% whole wheat PLUS doesn't have ingredients I can't pronounce. :)  My tortillas, however are never floppy enough to use as wraps since the whole wheat flour makes them dense.  I tried White Whole Wheat flour the other day and there wasn't much difference.  Oh well, at least the kids don't mind super dense baked goods. :)

*We were so excited to get Cam into the Lego elective class at school this quarter.  He was equally happy. :)

*The first recipe I made with that white whole wheat flour were homemade pretzels.  Both kids were huge fans and I had to make the rule that Kendall had to eat her stew before she had a second one.

*Speaking of stew, Chris gave my stew the other night a 9 (just a basic beef, potato, carrot, etc.)!!!  For a soup-is-not-a-proper-meal guy, this was big!!  Granted he threw in, "Well, it's a 9 on a 'stew' scale" :)

*Yesterday afternoon we took the kids to Skytown with some Christmas money from my sister.  It was not crowded at all, which was great.  Little shy Kendall would leave most trampolines once one other child joined her. :)  Thanks, Susan and Chris!!!

*After Skytown we met my parents for dinner/happy hour at Claim Jumper.  My parents had never been there for happy hour so it was fun to introduce them to $3 pizzas!!

*Costco run today:

-Frozen Veggies
-Toilet Paper
-Veggie burgers
-Rice Milk

Favorite sample:  Chocolate covered cashew clusters

*Today Cam completed his first "clean up Zoe's poop" chore for the week.  This pic was taken right before he took a HUGE spill.  He and Zoe were out in the front and Zoe took off so quick that Cam flew into the air and skidded on the ground (he forgot initially to let go of the leash).  Poor guy has two pretty nasty boo-boo's. :(

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