Sunday, January 20, 2013

our saturday

Yesterday screamed for a trip to the desert.  With 76 as the temperature, it was a WONDERFUL change.  After our normal trip to the mall and Barns and Noble, we veered from our usual routine and brought along the kids' bikes to the park.  I think we will definitely do this again as they both liked it (Kendall in particular).

Costco followed, as usual, for lunch and samples.  The favorite sample for all of us were these super yummy Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters.  They are a tad pricey, otherwise we would have bought some since they are so low in calories but incredibly good. :)

We've learned that cart riding is the way to go at Costco, to prevent excessive hyper'ness and running around. :)

They always get to share a churro for the ride home.  Not sure how smart this is considering how incredibly messy they are. :)

Last night for dinner the kids had "hamburger dippers", a.k.a veggie burgers dipped in ketchup.  I simply cut them into strips with a plop of ketchup on the side. :)  They seem to really like them, which is great!  I'd like to not have meat at EVERY single dinner, so this is a nice alternative.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man, having the desert so close is SO great in the winter, isn't it?

Good idea disguising the veggie patties as patties to dip. Did you cut them in strips BEFORE browning them in the skillet. I might try that since I like them "the crispier the better." We eat them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oops--That was me--Mom

Jessica said...

Hm, I'm totally going to try the veggie patty thing, I have some in my freezer and for some reason never thought of giving them to my kids.