Monday, January 7, 2013

chore chart

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year, but there were a few things I wanted to implement/improve on.  The first was to continue reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible with the kids.  We had gotten into the habit of doing it each morning over breakfast during advent and I really liked it.  So far we have been doing pretty well.  We don't get every morning, but it's somewhat consistant.

Believe it or not, the 30-Day Shred I started back last January was pretty much the only DVD (besides a Biggest Loser one I rotated in sometimes) I did the entire last year.  Some people get tired of doing the same workout all the time.  I'm the opposite in that I enjoy the familiar. :) However this year I asked for a new one for Christmas which I'm  hoping to try out this week and get into the rotation. :)  It's called Jillian Michaels:  Ripped in 30.  It's still only 20'ish minutes, which is my max. :)

A chore chart was also something I wanted to implement with Cameron.  I'm starting out pretty basic, hoping to add things to it as I need. :)  He is excited to earn money (for Lego of course!).

So there are a few things I'm working on... :)  On a much more shallow note, raise your hand if you are excited for tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the chart! I bet Cam will rock at getting checks.

Anonymous said...

I've made your chocolate chip scones twice now, and they were yummy both times. However, I did prefer the ones that I drizzled with the glaze AND chocolate, just like you said.

Bonnie K.

Jessica said...

We totally watched it.. Matt thinks he's going to be boring, but he surprised me made me laugh a few times, the rape whistle was my favorite.