Saturday, January 26, 2013

success and partial success

I had the yummiest lunch the other day.  My mom was a tad grossed out when I told her but I stand by the fact that it was quite tasty. :)  I topped a baked potato with black beans and a mixture of sour cream and pureed pumpkin.  Wonderful!!

My partial success comes with my attempt at homemade Cheez-it crackers.  So why the attempt?

Store bought Cheez-it ingredients:

Homemade Cheez-it ingredients:


Makes sense I would want to try my own, right?  

Well, first off, I thought my creation was fantastic!!!  I think using sharp cheese was key.  The mistake I made was in telling Cameron (not Kendall, she liked them) that they were homemade "Cheez-it crackers".  I should have just called them some new cute name and then he wouldn't compare them.  They are more biscuit like and less hard, but I think the flavor is awesome.  And despite asking for the "regular ones", he will eat them.  

So my conclusion is that I will continue to make them and at least feed them to him more often than the regular ones.  Maybe he'll eventually learn to LOVE them as much as I do!!  So I would try them, but just call them something different. :)


Anonymous said...

More power to you in figuring out ways to avoid y'all eating the foods with a mile-long ingredient list. The cheez-its are probably good--especially with sharp cheese.

Jessica said...

They were a success with Matt and I, lol. We loved them.

Charlee said...

We are eliminating as much processed foods as possible and my kids complain some too but I tell them to give it time and thier taste buds will adjust. Breven isin't liking whole wheat organic bread but when I read what was in the 45 calorie bread I was not a happy camper yea its low cal bu full of junk! They do adjust to it soon.