Sunday, September 15, 2013

if brown rice took a dump...

*Yesterday morning I went for a run. I only run maybe once every two weeks. I think it's good to mix one in instead of my normal Jillian workouts. However maybe I should do them a little more often because it was a little rough. :)

*I've started cleaning the bootcamp class Chris attends. I go twice a week and I have to say that I don't really mind it. It's an hour that I can zone out and listen to a podcast. Plus it's bringing in a little extra money. :)

*I found the best tortillas at Costco. They only have 80 calories, have 12 grams of fiber, and Chris likes them!! :)

*Neither of my kids like almonds or almond butter. However they are so good for you that I've wanted to find a way to sneak them into their food. I made a batch of chocolate muffins yesterday and used 1/3 whole wheat flour, 1/3 ground oats, and 1/3 ground almonds. They loved them! I used my dark chocolate cocoa which adds rich chocolate taste, making me able to lessen the sugar called for.

*I was NEVER a Star Trek fan when it was on TV. However Chris and I have really enjoyed the recent new remakes. We rented the latest one this weekend and really liked it. :)

*Last night we dropped the kids off at my parents and went to dinner. We went to CPK. We had a gift card because otherwise I'm not sure that would be our first choice (we've had blah experiences there). Chris was so-so in his review of his Tai Chicken Pizza. I actually really liked my salad which included red onion, feta, asparagus, pine nuts, and quinoa. Chris has an interesting take on quinoa. In his words, "If brown rice took a dump, you would get quinoa." You can tell he's not a big fan. :)


Jessica said...

Those muffins sound healthy, did you grind up the almonds on your food processor? I might have to try that.

Ana said...

I thought your title might be in reference to the tortillas...

I started eating them when I was pregnant with Liv because they didn't cause my blood sugar to spike like the real ones did. J hates them on the basis they call themselves tortillas when, according to him, they're really not. We still eat them though. A word of caution: I tried to bake them tonight to make like a tostada shell (I usually do this with my flour tortillas) and they came out terrible! Worse than cardboard. I couldn't even chew mine.