Monday, September 9, 2013


On Saturday we celebrated Cam's birthday with my parents. For his birthday dessert, I made a big chocolate chip cookie, which I think he would say is his favorite dessert. :)

In addition to a Lego set (not sure any holiday can go without that for a while!), they got him Battleship. He loves it! I knew the numbers/coordinates thing would reel him in, and it really did. :)

The other week we bought a Groupon for A.J. Bariles. We took the kids last night and thought it was really, really good pizza. :)

Today is Cam's teacher's birthday.  I couldn't spend $20 on a giftcard (she doesn't like coffee and Starbucks is really the only place you can get away with a $5 or $10) and I knew she would get loads of baked goodies. So I decided to have Cam write her a card with...

"You are now enrolled in Cam's cookie of the month club. On the first day of each month, you will receive a plate of a new kind of homemade cookie made by me!! "

Hoping she likes it... :)

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Sara said...

Hi Kelly...
I am friend's with Ana...
I remembered your son loved Legos, and wanted to share this crazy thing I found!

Also, as a K teacher, I would be SUPER happy with cookies every month! ha ha ha ha!