Wednesday, September 11, 2013


*One of Kendall's "chores" is to help me gather the trash each week. This was a small mistake considering we have clear trash bags and she'll often find things of her's I threw away (crafts that she played with once and forgot about, Sunday school sheets, etc.). Suddenly she HAS to have them back as they are SOOO precious to her. :)

*Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to a Robot themed story time at our library. They even got to use Legos afterward to build robots as well as other crafts. It was super fun and I'm excited they have several more different themed afternoons coming up. :)

*One of the most time consuming parts of making homemade Cheez-it's is the rolling out of the dough. I found a very easy way to do it which makes the whole process much less daunting. I use my tortilla press to make a bunch of pancake sized circles. I can then run my pizza cutter across them and put them on the cookie sheet! :)

*Chris and I recently joined the Breaking Bad bandwagon. We are so bummed we didn't start this show from the beginning because it is very good. I have a low tolerance for unrealistic, cheesy dramas (I found The Mentalist and shows like it to be way too cheesy and far out to enjoy). This one makes me excited to see next week's episode. :)

*This picture was taken while waiting for Cam to get out of school. The cutest part about it is that she was actually asleep. :)

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Anonymous said...

-the trash taking chore thing makes me laugh!!!!!! =) yeah, gotta keep kids away from the trash!

-I LOVE that asleep pic!

-susan =)