Friday, September 6, 2013


*Chris saw on article on his FB page and emailed it to me. It is excellent. Teaser: a family who sits down with their kids weekly to go through their FB pages. So well written. Read :)

*Kendall's enthusiasm for practicing her letters is quite minimal...unless there are a few chocolate chips involved. :)

*Yesterday I took the kids to Disneyland with my parents. In the chaos of getting everything out of the car when my dad dropped us off, Kendall somehow made it out with my make-up case she had brought from home. At first I was a tad frustrated that we would be lugging this thing around the park all afternoon. But then I just had to laugh at her walking around with a make up case filled with what?? A Sharpie pen, 15 straws, and a small notebook. :)

*I've never tried a portobello mushroom sandwich. I've always wanted to but never wanted to order one at a restaurant in case I didn't like it. And I guess I have never bothered to make one at home because I KNOW I would be the only one to try it. :)

*Don't mind one bit that Christmas decorations are out in a few stores. Not one bit. :)

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Anonymous said...

OOHHHH! That makeup bag thing is HILARIOUS!!!! soooo funny! And the picture! Ah, that is too cute. =) LOVED the blog post that you linked!

Susan =)