Tuesday, September 24, 2013

nut paste

*I've picked up one regular "client" with my Errandgirl business. He's kept me quite busy with his doc appointments he needs rides to. I try and work it so that Kendall doesn't have to come with me. However this past week she has had to go with me more than I would prefer. I try to make it a little fun (like packing a blanket and popcorn and having a "picnic reading time" outside the office on the grass while we wait). However who wants to go to appointments all the time?

She has been so good and cheerful about it and I'm just incredibly in awe of her lately. Anyway, yesterday was a guys only (Chris, Cam, and my dad) afternoon to Disneyland, so I treated Kendall to "breakfast for dinner" at Bob's Big Boys. She was talking about it ALL DAY. :)

1. Chris doesn't like natural peanut butter at all
2. The brand I buy for some reason is more runny than non-natural brands

Yesterday morning Cam announced he was hungry as he and Chris were leaving for school. Wanting to give him something with a little protein, I smeared some PB on his leftover waffle. Well, it ended up dripping on his shorts and Chris had to turn around shortly after they left. Here are our texts later that morning :)

Me: Sorry again about peanut butter. He upset?
Chris: He was a little but some Disneyland talk got him out of it. No worries. Just in a rush.
Me: Good. It's nice that he tells me he's hungry as he's walking out the door. :) Next time I'll know, no peanut butter :)
Chris: Normal peanut butter that humans eat is sticky and would be fine. The nut paste he had is a bit messy!

Hehehe... :)

*I never watch award shows and am content to just browse the pictures the following day to see all the dresses. Here are my two favorites from Sunday's Emmy's:

(I LOVE the color block look and think this is sooo beautiful!)

*Chris and I are doing Netflix's free 1 month trial to squeeze as much Breaking Bad in as possible since we started the series so late. I do want to say, after watching several of the original episodes, that there are a few pretty graphic scenes that we skip over. The currant season hasn't had any so I naively thought the whole show had been like that. Bummer. :(

Sidenote: I know Netflix is super cheap, it just isn't worth it to us since we have to use the laptop to watch shows. Our TV is old enough to not be able to stream it.


Teresa DiMillo said...

Those intimate scenes are only in season one, you won't get much of that in season two and pretty much none at all in season three. Just skip over it, like you have and you'll be fine. It's gonna start getting SO good. It's it weird that I'm excited about your breaking bad experience? Haha, we'll have to talk about it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You must post that sweet picture of Kendall and your client.