Friday, September 20, 2013


*I will go to great lengths to avoid throwing away leftovers. It has to be really yucky in order to do so. I was not willing to give up on the sweet potato + coconut milk "ice cream" I made the other night. So today I let it thaw (to pudding consistency) and mixed it with plain yogurt. Cam still didn't like it, but Kendall loved it. :)

*Why did we not start watching Breaking Bad at season 1??? It's soooo good!!!

*I HATE the fact that I had to put on a sweater this morning. Go away fall weather.

*My friend sent me a Pin the other day for Death By Chocolate Poke Cake, which looks fabulous. This same friend also has claimed to have another recipe that she thinks will make me recall my "there is no such thing as a too rich/chocolaty dessert" comment. I still think she is full of it because one doesn't exist. :)

*Today another friend told me about a dress she found that, "just looked like Kelly". It brought me back to the days in college when your wardrobe was your friend's wardrobe and you shopped together so much that you just knew what the other would like or not like. I miss those days... :)

*Chris just got a jury summons. Guess what date it is? His birthday :(


Anonymous said...

Yea, fall weather!

Sames Blogs said...

Tell Chris he can postpone Jury duty online. Even pick the date he is available.

Teresa DiMillo said...

That cake looks YUMMY!!! If you make it, PLEASE invite me over.

Jessica said...

I'm pretty pumped about the fall weather :) I'm pretty sure you're the only person I know who is sad about it :)

I kinda want to challenge you to eat a whole serving of that chocolate tort and see what you think. The problem is that I'll never make it again, lol. Perhaps you should the next time you host a dinner :) I could only eat one fourth of a piece!