Friday, September 27, 2013

park your cart

*Pet peeve: when people take their entire cart into the food court line at Costco. They take up so much space in an already super crowded area. It's pretty easy to park your cart nearby and keep an eye on it the whole time. :)

*This morning the speaker at our moms' group talked about how you want your kids to feel comfortable coming to you with anything. She said that one of the ways we can foster this is to always listen to our kids even when they are talking about something we have no interest in. :) I had to keep this in mind today as Cam asked question after question after question such as:

"Mom, how long would it take to get to L.A. on the 91 from the 57?"
"Mom, did you know the 395 goes to Reno but then also goes all the way to Canada?"
"Mom, what is above the Northwest Territory in Canada?"

*The past couple of times I've taken the elderly man I help to the doctor, Kendall has reached up and taken his hand. It is SO sweet because I think it just makes his day :)

*I read a fact in a health magazine about hormones in dairy I had never heard before. The hormones (the supposedly bad hormones) tend to stick to fat, so buying fat free dairy products will lessen the amount you ingest. Interesting...


Jessica said...

Lol, oops, I'm one of those people at Costco, but it's usually because I have a kid or two in the cart, not groceries.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of Kendall with your gentleman. So sweet.