Monday, September 30, 2013

a grandpa tells it like it is

*My in-laws spent Saturday night with us. It was a quick 24 hours but fun to have them:

I think Cameron must have spent almost 2 hours total in helping map out his grandparents' itinerary (they are traveling to several states). Googlemaps is my son's best friend. :)

*We have a loooong road ahead of us!! :)

(There was a marathon on last week so now we don't have to watch it on the laptop!)

*Reading time...

*Last week when the guys went to Disneyland, Cam finally mastered Tower of Terror. My dad had been bugging him about going for a long time and finally (with the assistance of a bribe of $2), he went on it. :)

*Not sure why this commercial struck me like it did, but I was laughing out loud all by myself as I watched it. :)

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