Wednesday, September 18, 2013

kitchen utensils

The other day as I was using my food processor to attempt sweet potato and coconut milk "ice cream" (gonna be wasn't a huge hit), I started thinking about the things in my kitchen that I use ALL the time...

*I use my mini food processor several times a week to ground oats (for flour), puree veggies for the kids baked goods, blend the dough for Cheez-it's, etc. I love that it is so small and holds just the amount I need.

In this picture I was chopping cilantro for a pasta sauce, which I ended up throwing out because it tasted terrible! :(

 *I love this little pot and use it every single day for making eggs (which Chris has most breakfasts) and brown rice (which is also a staple for his lunches).

*I use my pizza cutter a lot for cutting brownies, granola bars, Cheez-it dough, etc. It's so much quicker and cleaner than a knife.

*My MIL bought this for me years ago (I think from William and Sonoma?). It's a tomato knife and you wouldn't think it would be THAT different than just a plain old serrated knife, but it cuts sooo nicely into things that are easily squishable. :)

*Chris introduced this little contraption to me when we were first married. I had never used one but I love how it makes nice slices of apple. It's nice because it's always the same equal number for when I'm splitting one for the kids.


Anonymous said...

I like the apple slicer, too.

and, yes, there is NOTHING like a really sharp knife!!


Teresa DiMillo said...

I have the same exact food processor, I never really use it. I feel like it is too small, but I really wouldn't make much of anything that could fill it, maybe I need to try and use it more.

Ana said...

Your regular brown rice made me want to share this recipe...

J and I have replaced our rice with a faux rice made from pulsing raw cauliflower in the food processor and then sauteing it for a bit in a little olive oil before covering it to finish it off. It has more of the consistency of couscous but it's a whole lot better than no rice at all with our stir fry!