Monday, December 16, 2013

kid-free weekend

Yes, we basically had a kid-free weekend...but not so we could go on a mini-vacation. For the first time since we've had kids (or ever maybe) Chris and I got sick at the same time. My sweet parents came and got the kids Saturday morning and kept them until Sunday. We slept, rested, slept, etc. Nothing too exciting.

Yesterday afternoon we rallied and attended Kendall's first ballet recital. She did great, however I think she was probably equally excited about wearing her fancy dress and getting to wear makeup. :)

This afternoon the kids and I are headed to Costco:

*Almond Milk
*Frozen veggies
*String Cheese
*Chubs (ground beef)
*Skinny Cow

So I'm going to end this post with the cutest little note Cam made for us before my parents came to get them Saturday morning:

"Are you 100% sure that you are sick? Will, I'm sorry to hear that you are sick, I hope that you get better soon, I also wish there was 0% of germs. I Love you! To my sweet mom and dad PS, wash your hands every day so you can have 0% of germs for ever! 
Love your son, Cameron"


Anonymous said...

Oh, my word! That note is frameable!! Honestly!

And little miss Kendall with her curls is too cute.


Jessica said...

Haha, love the note! So cute. So sorry you guys were both so sick! Yay for parents to the rescue!