Friday, December 20, 2013

oreo cheesecake cake

*Today was the first day in a week that I felt like working out. So when I glanced at the clock at 5:00 am, I bolted out of bed excited to get back to it...OR...I rolled over and went back to sleep. :) I've actually decided to give myself an early Christmas present and continue my exercise hiatus until after Christmas. Will I pay for it after taking 2 and 1/2 weeks off? I'm sure I will. But oh how nice it will be until then. :)

*This morning's Advent bag included a note telling them that tonight would be, "hot chocolate in the stroller while walking to see Christmas lights". They loved it and I feel badly that this is the first time we've done it this season. It will need to be repeated. :)

*We are celebrating Christmas with my parents on the actual day this year. Among other dishes, my contribution (and most important of the meal) will be this Chocolate Truffle Pie. I made it a long time ago and my dad could not stop talking about it. It's really rich and good.

After Christmas we'll head up to Chris' parents where my contribution will be a dessert I have never tried but looks amazing.

*The other night I let Kendall drink way too much so close to bed. Upon entering her room in the morning and discovering she big time leaked through her diaper, she insisted that she had just "sweat a lot". I wasn't in the mood to argue so "sweating a lot" it was :). Sidenote: Even when she doesn't drink a lot right before bed, she still wakes up with a full diaper. Underwear at night still seems to be in the distant future. :(

p.s. Two of my friends were grossed out by my black bean cake I posted about. However after having them try a bite, they both agreed you could not taste the beans in the slightest. :)


Jessica said...

Both of those desserts look super decadent! I'm sure they will be right up your alley.

We've only had the chance to drive around and look at Christmas lights one time this year. It's been a short and busy Christmas season! Fun idea you had! Walking the neighborhood wouldn't be very fun where we live the houses are way too far apart and don't have sidewalks or that many lights. We'd have to walk a mile to see just a few lit up houses, lol. We need to walk around someone else's neighborhood. Have you been to the musical Christmas light Street in Yucaipa? It's super cool.

Anonymous said...

"Hot chocolate in the stroller looking at Christmas lights"--how do you come up with so many little things that you make sound like extravaganzas?!" :)

Ouuu, I can't wait for that pie!

Teresa DiMillo said...

That Oreo cookie cheesecake cake sounds divine! I must say, I'm quite impressed with your bean chocolate cake, it was really rich and yummy! We need to check out Christmas lights too, I think we will take the kids to Manning street in Yucaipa. I've heard great things.