Monday, December 9, 2013


After church on Sunday my parents took us to Wendy's for lunch, where I was again reminded what a brilliant idea kids meal toys are :)

After lunch, we split up and I did some much needed Christmas shopping while Chris took the kids to Victoria Gardens. It was so nice to not have kids with me as I had several stops to make. I also knocked out a grocery store run with the elderly man I help out, so I felt quite accomplished by the time I got home.

Chris always does a great job in keeping me posted (via texts) on everything they do when I'm not with them. I just love this pic of the three of them. :)

Chris recently converted some points he had with one of his printers into Starbucks cash. I now have $75 loaded onto my card (which has had a zero balance for a long time!) and I couldn't be more excited! This morning when Kendall and I ran some errands, I treated us to a drink on our way. It was such a fun treat for both of us and I'm amazed at what a great mood Starbucks puts me in!

Sidenote: I'm normally hesitant to order a hot drink from Starbucks because despite my, "Can you make it super, super scalding?", they rarely make it hot enough. However this morning it was perfect! Drink choice? Tall Skinny Soy Upside Down Caramel Macchiato...extra hot :)


Jessica said...

I have the same issue with my drinks, I only like them super hot! I order them extra hot, but they still aren't hot enough. Maybe I need to tell them a specific temp? I'm glad you we have something food related we agree on ;) I know a ton of people who like their drinks warm, bleh. Once it's luke warm I can hardly stomach it.

How cool that you got to load up your card!!! And kudos to Chris. Matt is never up to taking the kids on outings, if I'm gone they are at home. I can't complain because he does a great job caring for them, but I must say that Chris takes your kids out a lot!

Teresa DiMillo said...

I'm impressed with Chris taking them out too, how awesome is that! Todd takes great care of them, at home. I saw you on Sunday after church, you must have been heading to go shopping. About the hot drinks, I have an irrational fear of burning my tongue, so I, like others let my drink sit for a bit before I even taste it. Sorry ladies, I don't agree with you two on this one. :)