Monday, December 2, 2013


We celebrated the Sunday before Thanksgiving with my parents. My mom had a fun craft for the kids to do after lunch:

Wednesday we drove up north to be with Chris' family. The cousins pretty much were glued to each other the entire time. So fun to see.

Kendall was also glued to the tree swing. She went from person to person until she would find someone to push her :)

I love this picture of the kids out in the dirt. This is pretty much what they did...occupy themselves with anything and everything.

Setting up the Nutcrackers while decorating for Christmas.

Bonfire with hot dogs and smores.

Because there were so many of us, Chris' parents put us parents in a hotel so we got to sleep in each morning. :) One morning while we were still gone the kids played a little dress up.

The last morning we took our ending trip to IHOP.

 Another highlight was taking the kids to see Frozen. It was really, really cute. And lastly, we can't forget the mounds of yummy food that was consumed. As usual, my favorite were the homemade rolls...and this cake I made. :)


Jessica said...

Don't you love that they have cousins to play with? My kids are the same way with their cousins, it makes holidays fun! Plus having all that space to roam is a dream for a kid!

We saw Frozen too, it was so cute!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Your in laws sound amazing! What I would give to stay in a hotel without the kids. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgving.